Will the IT departments ever go back to the office?

This might be the question many of us ask more often. It’s been over a year and half since the majority of large corporations all over the world sent their employees to “Home Office” (HO). The Rubicon has been crossed. 

Virtual space has become our second nature. Those who work in this branch knows that working from home was available for the digital nomads and it has been a trend already before the pandemic. However such workers were rarer and possessed specific ability to be able to work remotely to its full potential. COVID made many companies to switch to remote mode and hence set a social experiment thanks to which many workers could reach otherwise unreachable dream. 

Let’s not lie to ourselves, we have to admin that the percentage of introverts in an IT sector, especially in the development area is significantly high. Home office apart the time saving factor helped people to fulfill their basic characteristic needs and allowed them to tuck away in the shadows of their homes.

I will dare to speculate that IT departments will never go back to the full-time office workers. Why do I think so? The benefit that every IT employee had tried and experienced have become sought after and treasured and it can’t leave the IT market cold and it is expected to react to it.

Is that bad news?

It depends who and how do you look at it. Let’s split this topic into several challenges:


I’m certainly not by nature a doomsayer who would claim that home office automatically means high amount of “goofing off”. From my point of view there is more so a pressure to gain a quality management and effective task tracking. Home office would definitely discover if the manager can effectively distribute tasks and also control the required outcome. The IT world surely can’t be any more measured by the time spent at the computer in the office but by the outcomes delivered (I do apologise to the boys from AMS and I want to say I do appreciate their hard work that quite often is 24/7)

Social distancing

That is quite often very strong argument in many discussions. Everybody knows that it is a lot easier to deal with a person face to face. However, is that really a valid point in the IT world? Maybe in some areas for sure. I believe that especially analytics and architects suffer throughout virtual meetings and are facing new restrictions that this type of meeting carries with it. Let’s see it though as a new environment that we are still being introduce to in such insensitivity. Human being is a social animal and if he doesn’t fulfill the social needs directly at work, he will fulfill it elsewhere. A smart company will revisit the social events calendar because the zest to participate will grow significantly.


The trend is inexorable and lot of managers are now asking whether they only need to look for employees within the overheated Czech market since the work has been shifted to the virtual space. I have a quick response to that. Get your English up to the C1 level and the world opens up to you!

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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