We have a new office!

Initial thought

The first thought of moving came before the Covid pandemic sometimes in 2019. Until then we were using a small office on Antala Staska street near Budejovicka metro station. It was a nice place, but as we were growing it didn’t fulfil the requirements of our company. There came the thought of something bigger and more suitable to meet our needs.

Search for the new location

Once the decision was made, the long phase of looking and finding the right place started. At the beginning we were playing around with an idea to rent or buy an apartment or non-residential property where we would build up our office. Our HR manager Bára (you know her from social networks) started the field work, she visited huge number of places but none of them seemed good enough.

Breaking point was when Scott & Weber revealed to us opening of new office building at Pankrác and they’d gladly move us in. Due to the fact we have good working relationship that we cherish it seemed like ideal solution. There were other factors that helped in making the final decision like smooth relocation, great location with many of our clients nearby, possibility to use variety of boardrooms not only there but at other areas of Prague where S&W are present and last but not least, the beautiful space where we were able to envision our office

Designing and furnishing process

Next step after choosing the new location was to design the office space itself. We hired an architect to do that. We told him all our requirements and he created first draft. We fine-tuned it and tailor-made plan of our office was created on paper at last.

Current state

Our new office is furnished with tables and chairs at the moment and large part still looks like storage unit covered with boxes. Although the wait seems never-ending we actually see light at the end of the tunnel. The tailor-made furniture is being made as we speak and should be handed over to us during August.

The desired outcome

At the shortest time possible we’d like to reach the goal of fully equipped professional office. Our intention is for the space to be visually divided into two areas.

  1. One area will be for focused work. You’ll find mainly desks, monitors and ample amount of storage here filled with greenery.
  2. Second area should consist of relaxation corner and space for informal internal or external meetings. There will be bigger table for up to 10 people available, canvas projector screen, speakers but also few hi-tech gadgets that we keep to ourselves at the moment. We’ll also place smaller couch here to ensure bigger comfort when watching movies or having fun with PlayStation, because that is all part our of team building.

Let us know how you like our new place and wish us good luck for the earliest completion!

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