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We provide experienced consultants to project teams at high-end Czech companies. We put emphasis on technical skills, an ability to connect the world of business and IT but we also seek to inspire and lead other members of the team to shared success.

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I decided to establish Granton towards the end of 2012. I have always dreamed of founding my own company – as a space to build what you believe in and enjoy the most. After spending years in telco industry and consulting I have come to the decision it is about time I use all my experience and start doing things my way.

The first thing I thought about in January was to establish a company based on values that will last and have a long-term unifying aspect.

I was fascinated by the idea of providing a space for creative individuals with a great mixture of character and professional knowledge – to create the opportunity for them to be a part of interesting technological projects in large companies where they can gain further knowledge and expertise. With that, they would prove needed or even irreplaceable to our clients. I wanted to create a company based on a community of individuals with a similar view.

Values this company was initially based on are still valid. Thanks to these values and the determination of our team our company has been growing rapidly and proves attractive not just to clients but also others in the industry and potential employees. From the position of a high-quality resource provider, we are leaning towards becoming a supplier of individual technological projects and solutions in digital economy.

Jan Kuba

Founder and CEO


Sales CRM System Supply Energoporadce (energy and gas supplier solution)

A desktop app based on AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud services designed for a corporate client – one of the largest energy and gas suppliers on the Czech market.
Four months, that is how much time it took from first meeting until product launch. The main advantage of this serverless solution is unlimited scalability and performance. This solution also included ergonomic user interface design with an insight from a renowned graphic designer and UX/UI expert.

Dodávka prodejního CRM systému Energoporadce