Inverse Conway Maneuver!

“Any organization that designs a system (defined broadly) will produce a design whose structure is a copy of the organization’s communication structure” – Melvin E. Conway (1967) Let’s give a quick review of what Conway considers under this statement. In brief, Conway’s theoryentails that the working methods and how innovative business results are, is linked […]

Granton roots getting bigger in Amsterdam

1. First of all, could you please tell me the purpose of the travel meeting in Amsterdam? I am responsible for the international expansion of Granton. And according to our expansion plan, the Netherlands is the first location that we are expanding at the moment and our sole purpose of traveling to Amsterdam was business […]

Czech Technical University in Prague Workshop

Hi Marty, again first and congratulations for your seminar in the Czech Technical University in Prague, for sure it was great! let’s talk more about it Would you like to tell us a bit about your presentation? Has this been the first time you gave a seminar in general? I found it very useful because […]

Redesigning a fluid insurance organization focused on customer missions

Your client is everything! Are you delivering the right output to them? In the insurance field too, everything can happen and as long as the consumer demand doesn’t get constant, it is preferable to architect a path to reach them better. This blog inspired by Mckinsey & Company aims to equip you with a timeline […]