The one step companies are forgetting while applying Agile Transformation

Most organizations, despite their reliance on some agile transformation principles, which also involves traditional insurers’ functional and hierarchical operating models, still fail in deploying agility at scale. Why is this happening? well, mainly, due culture.

As it is well known, agility reaches solutions being faster, learner and way effective. Currently, organizations might look to maximize accountability in their projects in order to launch new products or update pricing models.

Nonetheless, what some experts like Korn Ferry Insights (2021) recommend is an agile methodology that can focus on the human aspects of business instead. In order to achieve that a 4M methodology can reassure consistency through: model, method, mindset and movement.

  • Model: a well-established performance management, including team’s scaling, is relevant for a defined work-flow across all dimensions, job architectures and performance systems.
  • Method: continue  testing in order to reach and select the most effective way. In addition, there are two well-known ways of designing a method, by running a pilot and as you scale improving it by refination. The second one, by series of projects which incorporates your new agile model and benefits. By this, company leaders and employees will perceive that the new operating model is delivering results.
  • Mindset: the team’s behavior possesses a great influence on how the company can achieve success. For that, it is important to change to a cross-practice approach such as being more-customer centric.
  • Movement: everything follows an aspiration!, which must be linked with a method, agile model and desirable culture. Consequently, leaders should reflect these aims to the organization.

By this, the theory of people making a difference has a huge impact on all companies’ operations. Do not let your company miss this approach!

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